About Skinspots Nurses
In building a nursing team of excellence Skinspots was fortunate to find a naturally caring group of extremely well qualified nurses, to further train to undertake full skin cancer checks. These ladies chose to undertake the same training that doctors can choose to do to become more adept at finding skin cancers.

Skinspots Nurses at the heart of Health Care

Our Nurses firstly undergo a certificate course training followed by months of preparatory training at our Mt. Maunganui clinic before undertaking the Skin Cancer College of Australasia Diploma of Dermatoscopy. This is a six-month course of intensive daily exposure to skin cancer detection and is recognised as one of, if not the best, dermatoscopy courses world-wide. The training is done both by Skinspots staff and by an external tutor appointed by the Skin Cancer College. It is a daunting course with multiple exams and regular testing to make sure that those who pass this diploma can function at the highest possible level in this field. All candidates are trained to use important adjunct technologies to improve their ability to diagnose skin cancers such as clinical skin checks, dermatoscopy, serial and full body photography. Once the diploma has been completed continued training occurs on a regular formal basis.

These nurses have not only completed the same training as their doctor colleagues, but outperformed many in the final exams. They work as an integral part and on equal footing in doing skin checks and screening for skin cancers. Their skin check photos are all reviewed by a senior doctor ensuring all spots are double checked. The high standard of work is reflected by the large number of returning patients satisfied with their previous experience.

These nurses bring excellence, professionalism and integrity wrapped up in empathy and respect.